Where Your Future Flying Career Begins
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11. Do I have to have a medical or see a special doctor? No. All you have to do is to make a personal medical declaration that you are of the health standards to drive a car. If you have some more specific medical problems, eg. sugar diabetes, heart bypass, etc. you may be required to get a statement from your General practitioner that you are safe to pilot an aircraft. 12. When can I come and talk with one of the instructors? The Lone Eagle Flying School operates most days, depending on instructor availability as all of our instructors, aircraft engineers and other staff volunteer their time. Phone ahead to ensure that someone is available to talk with you. 13. When can I start training? You could start training tomorrow if it suits you!  Flight lessons are tailored to suit every individuals needs, work and family lifestyle. 14. Do you use flight simulators for training? No. All flying training is in certified club aircraft. Some home type flight simulators may be a hindrance to your training. 15. I am a model aircraft pilot, will this assist me? We have found that model aircraft pilots have a fine touch on the controls and understand the basic principles of flight and the various components of the aircraft. It certainly is not a hindrance. 16. How do I pay for my training? There are a few options to choose from. You can pay as you go or you can pre-pay. We accept cash, cheques and direct deposit (preferred method). We DO NOT have any facilities to accept credit / debit cards.
17. How do you work out the fees? Flight costs are calculated on the average number of hours most people require to achieve each stage. We do our very best to be realistic with the quoted number of training hours required. Please be aware that flight training is competency based and the cost of each course is an average only. Normally there is no charge for any pre flight or post flight briefings. Once you commence flight training, you will be charged only for the actual flight time recorded on the aircrafts hour meter. 18. Are the instructors qualified? Yes. All instructors have specialist training and are required to be re-tested every two years by an independent authorised testing officer.  Our instructors have a wealth of experience. 19. May I visit the Lone Eagle Flying School? You are encouraged to visit the school and meet with other members and instructors. This will allow you to look over our airfield, check out the club facilities and aircraft and ask questions. You may just like to come for a "chat about aviation" and a coffee. Some of our members are not pilots but enjoy the aviation related atmosphere. 20. Can I continue to be involved with the club once I have my pilots certificate? We encourage this as much as possible as the networking and camaraderie it builds is important to the long term safety of all pilots. Our instructors can be contacted most times seven days a week either in person or via telephone or e-mail to assist students and pilots with any problems, queries or advise. This also assists and help keep the club together. Clifton airfield and the Lone Eagle Flying School are different to most airfields. Members are supportive to each other in their comments and their actions and pitch in and help each other with an atmosphere of respect and mutual cooperation throughout the club.