Where Your Future Flying Career Begins
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1. What do I have to do to have a fly? Phone the club on 0429 378 370 then come to the club, meet with the instructor and have a trial introductory flight (TIF) of about 30 minutes  in either the Drifter or the Jabiru aircraft for a cost of $ 100. We recommend you have your trial flight early in the morning or late in the day. After your exhilarating flight you can arrange further flights. 2. What educational level is required to train as a recreational pilot? There is no special education requirements. Even people with dyslexic problems can be assisted through the exams. However you must be able to speak, understand, read and write the English language 3. How old do I have to be to start training? There is now no minimum age at which you can start your training, however you must have the physical strength and size to reach all the controls and to be able to manoeuvre them in flight. You are not permitted to fly solo until your 15th birthday. 4. How quick can I get my pilots certificate? At age 15 you can obtain your pilots certificate, passenger endorsement and cross country endorsement to permit you to fly to most destinations in Australia. 5. How many hours will it take me to get my pilots certificate? The minimum number of hours is 20 (which must include at least 5 hours solo). As pilot training is competency based, we have found that an average student will take approximately 30 hours of flight training.
6. How many months will it take to get my pilots certificate? The flight time of approximately 30 hours can be flown at the students discretion, time available and budget. If you could do three hours per week would be ideal. Concentrated training of 2 to 3 hours per day for about 3 days is available by arrangement. We do not recommend full time training as the student can easily overload with so much new information in such a short time. Your instructor will monitor this. 7. What will my pilots certificate cost? We suggest you budget $ 6,000  which will cover approximately 30 hours of flight training, your student pilots certificate cost, including membership fees, books and training. This is only an estimate as your training is competency based and some students take longer or shorter flying time than others. 8. Do you have ground theory courses? Normally no, but these can be arranged if required or requested. These courses would probably incur some ground instructor fees. 9. What will my pilots certificate allow me to do? You are permitted to operate an aircraft unsupervised up to 25 nautical mile (45 km) from your aerodrome of departure. Once you have 10 hours of solo flying  experience, you can apply for your passenger endorsement to carry family and friends. 10. I am a general aviation pilot. What do I have to do to obtain my RAAus pilots certificate? Very little really. All of the exams you have already completed are recognised and any endorsements that you hold are also recognised. Depending on when your did your training you may have to do some refresher exams to bring you up to currency. You will also need to undertake sufficient flight training so that you can pass a  flight test with an approved RAAus  testing officer.    
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