Where Your Future Flying Career Begins
© Darling Downs Sport Aircraft Inc operating as ‘Lone Eagle Flying School’                 ABN:47 865 769 573
The Lone  Eagle  Flying  School , operated by the Darling Downs Sport Aircraft Association Inc. basic training aircraft is the well respected and recognised Drifter aircraft. A Jabiru J160 and Jabiru J230 are also  used for basic training  and especially for conversions, cross country training and private hire. The Drifter is also available for private hire. All students and pilots must be full members of the club. The minimum flying time required for an RAAus pilots certificate is 20 hours. Over time it has been found that most pilots take longer than the 20 hours, as your training is competency based. Students generally average approximately thirty hours. The minimum flying time for a Cross Country endorsement is an additional 10 hours. It has been found that with the advancement of aircraft performance, extra hours are required to meet the syllabus requirements.  Multiple cross country training flights are therefore necessary to achieve the required cross country standard. Most students average approximately twenty hours for their cross country training. Up to three hours flying training is recommended to be flown prior to applying for your student pilot certificate. A student pilots certificate usually takes about a week to be processed and received.


Pilots are required to sign a Declaration of Health to the effect that their health standard is equivalent to that required for the issue of a private vehicle drivers licence. A signed Darling Downs Sport Aircraft Association Inc. / Lone Eagle Flying School indemnity form is also required along with a Darling Downs Sport Aircraft Association Inc. membership application form.



                              Incl. GST

Introductory Flight up to approx. 30 minutes

         $ 100.00

Training dual and supervised solo  - Drifter          $ 198.00 hour Training dual and supervised solo    - Jabiru 160          $ 209.00 hour Training dual and supervised solo   - Jabiru 230      $ 231.00 hour Private Hire fuel included  - Drifter             $ 132.00 hour Private Hire fuel included  - Jabiru 160 (conditions apply)   $ 143.00 hour Private Hire fuel included  - Jabiru 230 (conditions apply)   $ 165.00 hour For budget purposes, allow an estimated $6,000 approximately as a cost to obtain your initial pilots certificate, equivalent to the general aviation GFPT or RPL standard. With this certificate you can operate as pilot in command without any instructor supervision up to a 25 nautical mile distance from your base departure airfield. This estimated cost includes membership fees, student licences, books, medicals, etc. To obtain your cross country endorsement, budget a further $5,500 approximately.

RAAus CERTIFICATE COSTS                                            Incl GST

RAAus New Member Student Pilot

                                $ 257.00

RAAus New Member Student Pilot (Under 18)

     $ 192.00

Upgrade from Student Pilot to Pilot and other endorsements (excluding aircraft or instructor costs) $   Nil

Membership Costs

            Incl GST

Darling Downs Sport Aircraft Assn. Inc. per year      $ 50.00