Where Your Future Flying Career Begins
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Darling Downs Sport Aircraft Assn. Inc Lone Eagle Flying School John J. BANGE Memorial Trophy ENCOURAGEMENT AWARD This award was set up in recognition of John Bange for his devotion to aviation from 1932 and the founding of the “AVIADELL GLIDING CLUB”. John was instrumental in teaching a number of glider pilots in the 1930’s and fostering many pilots to realise their dreams and achieve their personal goals in aviation. 2004 Aaron ROESSLER  2005 Geoffrey NIELSEN 2006 Clive NIELSEN 2007 Chris PRIEBBENOW 2008 Ches PRIEBBENOW 2009 Ian MUTZELBURG 2010 Kylie HENRY 2011 Kevin McGRATH 2012 Danilo PETROVIC 2013 Mick JAHNKE 2014 Ben VALDERRAMA 2015 Mitchell WATSON