Where Your Future Flying Career Begins
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The cost will be the same as last year $25 per person and this includes the Landing Fees. These fees will be required to be paid to our club prior to the day to confirm you position, as we have to supply numbers coming and  aircraft details to Wellcamp management prior to the day. Monies can be paid to the club by direct deposit. We have a tight window of opportunity for arrivals and departure at Wellcamp due to passenger aircraft operations. We cannot arrive  any earlier than 1230 hrs (12.30pm) and must all be departed by 1500 hrs (3pm). All aircraft will start from Clifton, fly over 6 towns of Clifton, Nobby, Greenmount, Cambooya, Wyreema and Westbrook then onto Wellcamp aerodrome, a relatively short flight. The faster aircraft could include Allora as well. Aircraft will be divided into 3 groups according to airspeed,  but with longer gaps  between each group at takeoff to avoid congestion in the landing circuit. I feel more Pilots will be more comfortable with this. Briefing will be given by our CFI Trevor at 1130 hrs (11.30am) so all attendees will be required to check in before this time, from 9am,  and have your aircraft ready for flight.
First aircraft off the ground at will be at 1200 hrs ( 12 noon) on  Saturday 5th August. Depart Wellcamp from 1430 hrs (2.30pm) or sooner if you must, but no later that 1500 hrs (3pm) On return to Clifton please remain for the Bush Dinner where it is planned that Michael Jahnke and  James Bange will be Chief Chefs for the night. Great time last year and yes we can probably arrange a gas heater if it is cold, although there will be an open Camp Fire going. I now urgently need the following information by return email: Pilot name              : Passenger name  : Aircraft type           ; Aircraft Registration   : Cruise Speed            : Do you have a spare seat/s      :               If so, how many please?: Also please advise if you will be staying for Dinner and how many as we need to know these numbers as well.:
Image Courtesy of The Chronicle